Born in 1950, of Basque origin, Jean-Pierre Ugarte lives and works in Pau.
"Since its beginnings in 1984, Jean-Pierre Ugarte has not ceased to build a world in the image of his states of mind. Contrary to the dominant tendencies of contemporary art, the painter has elaborated a work resolutely turned towards figuration, choosing to exploit a genre, the landscape, whose history of art seemed to have delivered all the secrets.In the continuity of the great classical painting, that of Poussin, Lorrain and the great romantics such as C.-D. Friedrich, the artist has restored his letters of nobility to a theme, which has become the hallmark of his work. His talents as a draftsman, his acute sense of composition, ordered according to the classical rules of balance of the masses, often served by the use of the Golden ratio, give rise to paintings with rigorous construction. His color palette, in nuances, exalt imaginary visions of an enigmatic universe, where hover threats, misunderstandings and hope of a possible redemption. Throughout a career of more than thirty years, the painter renews the image of an Earth out of time, bewildering and bewitching, whose thrills and upheavals affect man deep within himself, awakening the questions and doubts of the human condition ". Jean-Pierre Mélot, curator of the museums of Pau

Main exhibitions :
Exhibitions in museums: Bonnat Museum in Bayonne, Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Ingres Museum in Montauban, Museum of Fine Arts in Pau (retrospective in 2014).International Fairs in Miami, New York, Moscow, StrasbourgGalerie Duchoze in Rouen in 2014Galeries parisiennes: gallery Kamel Mennour before it changes direction and more recently Galerie Modus,Galleries of the South of France: Bordeaux, Toulouse, Pau, Monaco, Nice, etc.

Paysage 6 - Acrylic on wood - 92 x 73 cm Tir groupé - Acrylic on wood - 73 x 100 cm

Paysage 10 - Acrylic on wood - 116 x 89 cm Paysage 11 - Acrylic on wood - 116 x 89 cm

Paysage 5 - Acrylic on wood - 80 x 60 cm Paysage 14 - Acrylic on wood - 89 x 130 cm
Paysage 3 - Acrylic on wood - 80 x 60 cm Paysage 12 - Acrylic on wood - 81 x 130 cm
Paysage 1 - Acrylic on canvas- 50 x 61 cm Paysage 9 - Acrylic on wood - 81 x 100 cm

Paysage 2 - Acrylic on wood - 80 x 60 cm Paysage 15 - Acrylic on wood - 97 x 130 cm
Paysage 4 - Acrylic on wood - 80 x 60 cm Paysage 16 - Acrylic on wood - 97 x 130 cm
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