Katherine Librowicz

Katherine Librowicz (1912 – 1991)

Katherine Librowicz was born in Poland. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Warsaw, she arrived in Paris in 1937. A famous portraitist from the 1950s to the 1980s, she painted the faces of André Maurois, Minou Drouet, children and grandchildren of personalities such as François Mauriac or Micheline Presle, the granddaughter of the Countess of Paris and so many others. She expressed herself through oil painting, and also excelled in watercolour. His paintings represent characters, landscapes of Brittany, Provence, still lifes and compositions. She has exhibited in France and abroad: Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, USA. His works are included in numerous collections.
About her painting George Huisman wrote: “I search in vain among the female painters of our time for one who would offer us portraits of children more adorable than those of my friend Katherine. »
And Paul Vialar praised her art thus: “Katherine Librowicz is above all emotion and sensitivity. Painter of landscapes, she brings together and translates light, color, the movement of water, sky and wind, the soul of houses like boats. It is all instinct, all spontaneity, jet of water and flame of fireworks.”
Let’s quote André Maurois again: “For her, the painter’s message is this wordless transmission of soft or harsh impressions. Her technique leads her to beautiful research on the transparency of shadows and the opacity of light. »



 Le port de Veere (Hollande) - Oil on canvas - 63 x 92 cm     Camaret - Oil on canvas - 38 x 46 cm


 Port de pêche - Oil on canvas - 50 x 65 cm     Le Guivinnec - Oil on canvas - 46 x 55 cm


Le rêveur - Oil on canvas - 61 x 46 cm     Honfleur - Aquarelle sur papier - 50 x 32cm


Le pot de fleurs - Oil on canvas - 61 x 46 cm     Fillette aux cubes - Oil on canvas - 46 x 61 cm





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