Gérard Vieillevie

Gérard Vieillevie (1939 – 1993)

A graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts, Gérard Vieillevie is a multiple artist, at the same time painter, sculptor, engraver, mosaicist and creator of tapestries (woven in Aubusson.)
He has exhibited in Paris (Katia Granoff and Denise Valtat galleries), Saint Paul de Vence, Reims, Metz, Amiens, Lille, and in Osaka in the Sony Tower. He has participated in numerous fairs, won the Lyons Club international prize as well as a gold medal, and the Paul Ricard Vittel Foundation prize.
If, as Van Gogh wrote, an artist must love a lot, the art of Gérard Vieillevie is certainly that of a passionate lover of the world. Everything is matter for him to dream, to make the colors explode sometimes in the sonic joy of summer atmospheres, sometimes in the soft mists that come to put a damper on these festivals of light.
His dream sometimes takes him to places of legend. Venice, under his brush, becomes a feast of stone, sometimes sparkling with old gold, adorned with lace, patinas, reflections, sometimes vibrant with colors, sometimes drowned in nostalgia. Venice is a dream, but an accessible, thrilling, carnal and melancholic dream like a love of yesteryear.
His paintings from the south are under the ardent sign of fire. Fires of summer on the sea, green flames of palm trees, on the hulls of boats, blue fire from the sky raining down the azure, treated with intoxicating brushstrokes. Thus he communicates to us his love of things, of all those silent things that were waiting to be ignited to begin a second and radiant life.



Venise, le Lido - Oil on Canvas - 97 x 130 cm     Venise, le Grand Canal - Oil on Canvas - 97 x 130 cm


Bord de Seine - Oil on Canvas - 82 x 100 cm     Les péniches - Oil on Canvas - 65 x 81 cm


Le port de Saint-Tropez - Oil on Canvas - 46 x 55 cm     A Saint-Tropez - Oil on Canvas - 82 x 100 cm


La rue - Oil on Canvas - 100 x 82 cm     La Seine à Paris - Oil on Canvas - 53 x 65 cm

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