Evelyne Huet

Mathematician and painter Evelyne Huet exhibits her digital  works around the world: United States, Italy, China, Monaco, Canada, Spain, Japan. She creates powerful images, striking portraits that reflect the experiences – the joys, torments, violence –  of the human condition.

« The search for unity is essentially what Evelyne Huet makes clear.  Her art becomes the rationale for thinking in more open, expansive terms, thereby removing the limits on the ordination of meaning in order to locate a more incisive pulse for communication »
Robert C. Morgan

« With an incredible physical immediacy, Evelyne Huet's imaginary/imaginative portraits take over space and stun the eye. They look like masks of humanity from the depths of time, miraculously arriving from all worlds known and unknown, sprung from the cultures of yesterday, today and elsewhere »
Christian Noorbergen

La dévastation du mondeFigure of elsewhere     Verdun - 1ère guerre mondiale, un avant goût de l'apocalypseVerdun, a taste of Armageddon

Sacralité 1Sacredness 1     Les trois grâcesThe three Graces

MammographieMammography     La mélancolieMelancholia

Sans titreThe Little One of Mankind     Sans titre The children of wars


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