Dan Walck

Dan Walck (1909 – 2002)

Many are the themes of inspiration for this artist, from the Breton ports, the landscapes of Mexico, the circus scenes, the acrobats... Having traveled a little everywhere in Europe, in Central America, in the USA, he exhibited his works in France and abroad: in the Netherlands, Dallas, San Francisco, Abidjan…
His paintings with intense color ranges, sometimes dazzling sometimes serious, with stylized characters, with essentially poetic universes, inspired the writer Paul Vialar to write these few lines: “I like his talent brought back to the essentials. We live there what makes the deep value of beings. We feel the concern of the world. »
And to André Maurois: “Dan Walck's painting is virile, powerful and austere. He has a taste for synthesis, for well-defined drawing, for color subordinate to the subject. Contemplation engenders in him a kind of ecstasy that transfigures and recreates the world. »
His nocturnes are strange interior landscapes where everything escapes common measure. Tangible and perceptible reality acquires a fabulous or fictitious character. To objects, inanimate beings, the artist, this thaumaturge, manages to infiltrate an elixir of life. Dan Walck is above all a clairvoyant who expresses the invisible through the visible.




Nocturne - Oil on canvas - 50 x 65 cm     Filets de pêche - Oil on canvas - 33 x 46 cm


Marine le soir - Oil on canvas - 60 x 81 cm     Marine en Bretagne - Oil on canvas - 60 x 81 cm


La remailleuse - Oil on canvas - 60 x 73 cm     Scène de cirque - Oil on canvas - 46 x 61 cm


Le cheval blanc - Oil on canvas - 46 x 61 cm     Saltimbanques - Oil on canvas - 46 x 61 cm

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