Denis Santelli

The first hybrid NFT / Physics exhibition in France

The Schwab Beaubourg gallery, which has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, offers an experience of a new kind. A first in France for this exhibition that visitors can discover both in the virtual version of the online gallery, in the Metaverse, and in real life in the gallery located in the heart of the Beaubourg district. The works are also the result of a mixed process that combines software and human intervention. The interaction between physical and digital in art has only just begun, and the Schwab Beaubourg gallery is at the forefront of this booming movement.

NFT and Metaverse

The Metaverse is a new fun and social internet in which users are represented by avatars. The Schwab Beaubourg gallery has its space, on the Cryptovoxels platform, which today brings together the main NFT galleries. Nothing to do with a simple 360 ​​° virtual gallery: here, visitors can meet, interact with the artist and the gallery owner and buy the NFTs of the digital works that we present, the NFT being the new protocol for the sale of works digital product that guarantees the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset.

Trees of indécision

We present the work of Denis Santelli, an artist who explores the duality between painting and digital. Its "trees" are generated by algorithms and then reworked manually. Their digital structure is revealed by the visualization of the wireframe mesh of the 3D. The final work is the result of a game between man and machine, the relationship between the sensitivity of the touch of paint on canvas and the artificial precision of digital technologies. If the title “Trees of indecision” refers to artificial intelligence or “machine learning” tools, we also find in this work a poetic look at the artificiality and the representation of living things in the new virtual worlds which are multiplying. . The works visible at the gallery are canvas prints reworked with painting, their purely digital versions being available in NFT in the virtual gallery.

Denis Santelli

Denis Santelli is a French artist living in Paris. He graduated (DNSEP) from the Ecole Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas-de-Calais. He has taught new media art at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy and interactive media design at the Internet and Multimedia Institute. Over the past twenty years, he has experimented with various technologies related to digital art, including generative art. But he is a classically trained artist, very attached to painting. It uses software, code, and virtual reality, but it often ends with an actual act of painting. He has been invited to various seminars and conferences on art and new media in the United States and Europe. He has notably been exhibited in Paris, San Francisco and Context Art Miami during Art Basel Miami. He also received commissions for murals in Berlin and Beijing.

04 - impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
24 - impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
04 - Enhanced acrylic print 24 - Enhanced acrylic print

03 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
09 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
03 - Enhanced acrylic print 09 - Enhanced acrylic print

18 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
10 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
18 - Enhanced acrylic print 10 - Enhanced acrylic print
02 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
26-2 - Impression sur toile réhaussée à l'acrylique
02 - Enhanced acrylic print 26-2 - Enhanced acrylic print
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