Antoine Correia

Born in 1972, Antoine Correia is a self-taught painter. From "Vanities" to the landscapes, his paintings establish a testimony on the Man. While taking place in the big pictorial tradition, he does not hesitate to knock down the criteria of the beauty to transform racked bodies, deformed heads or charred landscapes in aesthetic motives. He invites us to discover our humanity without any superficiality. So, the faces which he paints seem to go out of the picture thanks to a material which appears outside the painting and impose their wounds on our glance.

«Far from being only a purely ornamental object, the painting remains a means of expression. Mine is only a reflection of the world, an echo of the double nature of the Man, torn between the evil and the good. I am only expressing what takes place in him. For me, painting can be also a way to pray. "

Since 1994, Antoine Correia exhibits his works in several galleries, in France (gallery Marie Vitoux), in Belgium and in Germany. He participated in exhibitions in museums in Poland, in Croatia, in Venezuela, in Taiwan, in Japan. He is now represented in Paris by the gallery Schwab Beaubourg.

Paysage diptyque - Oil on canvas - 2x100x100cm - 2014 Paysage VIII - Oil on canvas - 54x65cm - 2014
Petit arbre - Oil on canvas - 33x24cm - 2014 Paysage - Oil on canvas - 33x28cm - 2014
Face I - Oil on canvas - 60x60cm - 2014 Face II - Oil on canvas - 60x60cm - 2014
Face III - Oil on canvas - 60x40cm - 2014 Les larmes - Oil on canvas - 146x114cm - 2014

Portrait - Oil on canvas - 130x97cm - 2014 Portrait - Oil on canvas - 130x97cm - 2013

Paysage - Oil on canvas - 100x100cm - 2013 Paysage - Oil on canvas - 130x195cm - 2013

Orage diptyque - Oil on canvas - 2x50x50cm
Les marais - Oil on canvas - 55x46cm - 2013
Paysage - Oil on canvas - 33x24cm - 2014 Christ mort étude - Oil on canvas - 41x33cm
Artiste : Antoine Correia
Titre : Paysage
Technique : Huile sur toile
Dimensions : 120x150cm
Année : 2012
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