Marc Petit

Born in 1961, Marc Petit lives and works near Limoges. He has exhibited his bronzes for 30 years in many countries: France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland. A museum is dedicated to him, in Ajaccio (Corsica).

The magazine Miroir de l’Art has asked its readers to nominate the greatest living sculptors. Nearly a thousand collectors, artists and gallery owners answered. Here is the resulting classification:
1 Marc Petit, 2  Ron Mueck, 3  Ousmane Sow

Some key dates of this exceptional path:
1985: First solo exhibition in France
1988: First solo exhibition abroad (Belgium)
1994: First solo exhibition in Paris
1994: First solo exhibition in a museum (Cahors)
2008: Marc Petit museum opens in Ajaccio
2011: Great retrospective at the Auberive Abbey
2016: Exhibition of  75  monumental sculptures in the gardens of the Limoges cathedral
2016: Appointed by the readers of the magazine Miroir de l’Art as the greatest living sculptor

“The relationship with time is at the very heart of his sculpture, as a prevalent obsession. The connection with archeology and with the origin of sculpture is one of the paths followed by this obsession with time. But, if it is obvious that their apparent incomplete or half destroyed state suggests the passage of millennia, if the schematization of the figures makes us remember now-defunct civilizations, most of Petit’s works compel us to think of time far more severely and directly.”
Philippe Dagen    Art critic

He is represented in Paris by gallery Schwab Beaubourg.

La grande captive, bronze, environ 130cm, 2015
La grande collerette, bronze, environ 130cm, 2015
Celle qui reste, bronze, environ 130cm, 2015
Le bouquet d'étoiles, bronze, environ 130cm, 2015
La vague, bronze, 45 cm
Le vieux pommier, bronze, 28 cm
Le frêle esquif, bronze, 27 cm L'annonce, bronze, 42 cm
La mariée, bronze, 55 cm En majesté, bronze, 42 cm

Le gardien de l'ange, bronze, 32x20x16cm, 2014 L'ange vénitien, bronze, 41x16x14cm, 2012

Caminando, bronze, 45x13,5x17,5cm, 2012 Le rêve de la nuit, bronze, 17x25x11, 2012
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