Henri Clément

Professional photographer since 1973, Henri Clement has specialized in stereoscopic images.

"Strange and striking the relief portraits of Henri Clement. For a little you put your cupped hand on one breast, glisseriez your arm under the arm of the model, chiperiez a lifelike brush. What presence lenticular process that gives relief characters! They are almost there before you. Be surprised to reach out to touch them, to move to see hidden details. A bewitching universe created by Henri Clement. "

The system used is the lens array. It is an optical device that allows users to reach the vision of a different image depending on the angle from which you look at the network.

Each presented draw is made from forty to a hundred shots component stereoscopic sequence. Capture, which takes about six seconds is by means of a camera moving on a straight track motor. The stereoscopic base is about one meter. A device having nine housings synchronized also been developed to allow a snapshot. The shots are then finely aligned and intertwined to obtain a single file. The image is then drawn exactly at the optical receiver network format, the lens array and glued.

The relief is output from the difference of view between the two eyes, each eye sees a different image, and moving the viewer to the inside of the viewing angle of the lens array successively browse stereoscopic pairs one after the other, in a continuous succession smoothed.
The relief portraits presented here, from live models, are the fruit of a long process of development. They give a whole new dimension to the usual perception of a character in pictures, and participate in a movement that could be called the "métaréalisme".

Le sauvage noir, Lenticular photography,
175x108 cm éd. de 8, 88x54 cm éd. de 12
Le sauvage blanc, Lenticular photography,
178x110 cm éd. de 8, 88x54 cm éd. de 12
Le poilu, Lenticular photography,
110x110 cm éd. de 10
Racines, Lenticular photography,
89x89 cm éd. de 10
Daniel Mesguich, Lenticular photography,
47X31 cm éd. de 8
David, Lenticular photography,
66x66 cm éd. de 8
Oxymore bleue, Lenticular photography,
178x110 cm éd. de 8, 115x71 cm éd. de 8
Oxymore blanc 2, Lenticular photography,
176x100 cm éd. de 8, 98x60 cm éd. de 8

Karine, Lenticular photography,
127X84 cm éd. de 8, 72x41 cm éd. de 12
Hélène, Lenticular photography,
129x87 cm éd. de 8, 83x55 cm éd.de 12

Elise, Lenticular photography,
124x78 cm éd. de 8, 70x40 cm éd. de 12
Céline en rouge, Lenticular photography,
147x99 cm éd. de 8, 82x52 cm éd. de 12

Céline en vert, Lenticular photography,
147x99 cm éd. de 8, 82x52 cm éd. de 12
Diane, Lenticular photography,
77x77 cm éd. de 8, 50x50 cm éd. de 12
Nuage, Lenticular photography,
69x51 cm éd. de 8
Marée à Bréhec, Lenticular photography,
47x70 cm éd. de 20
Les quatre saisons - Les feuilles, Lenticular photography,
100x200 cm éd. de 28
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